How to remove Windows Optimal Tool rogue anti-spyware

Malware Description:
The new scam application called Windows Optimal Tool is something you should definitely avoid and stay away from. Believe us – we are saying this for a reason as Windows Optimal Tool can seriously damage your computer system and, like all rogue security programs, trick you out of money. This malicious software can easily get through the firewall and bypass the regular antivirus guard due to the fact it exploits trojans (aka trojan horses) being tiny fragments of malcode that are capable of squeezing their way via smallest security leaks. Having penetrated inside, Windows Optimal Tool will do a couple of things that you will most likely fail to notice. These are Registry changes and creation of new files that ca hardly be labeled harmless. However, on the outside you will shortly begin seeing apparent results of such underhand activity. Windows Optimal Tool will get configured to run automatically each time you start Windows. This execution of Windows Optimal Tool will be accompanied by frequent pop-ups and obnoxious scanners appearing out of the blue. These alerts and scan reports will try to persuade you there is much hazardous activity going on. For instance, Windows Optimal Tool may try and misinform you that you got viruses, system performance problems and some security issues to take care of. Well, we must say it’s a bad idea believing the stuff reported by Windows Optimal Tool. All it wants from you is money which you are expected to pay for registering its full version. Hopefully you realize this and will never fall for the deceptive tactics of Windows Optimal Tool. In this regard, you are recommended to remove Windows Optimal Tool at once. We are there to help you with that.

Malware Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware

Malware Author: Unknown

Threat Level: High

Advice: Immediately remove

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Windows Optimal Tool Screenshot:

Windows Optimal Tool

How to remove Windows Optimal Tool manually:
Manual removal of Windows Optimal Tool is a feasible objective if you have sufficient expertise in dealing with program files, processes, .dll files and registry entries.

The files to be deleted are listed below:

  • %Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Application Data\[random].exe
  • %Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Desktop\Windows Optimal Tool.lnk
  • %Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Optimal Tool\
  • %Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Optimal Tool\Uninstall Windows Optimal Tool.lnk

The registry entries that need to be removed are as follows:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon “Shell” = ‘%Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Application Data\[random].exe’
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\[random].exe “Debugger” = ‘svchost.exe’

Please be aware that manual removal of Windows Optimal Tool is a cumbersome process and does not always ensure complete deletion of the malware, due to the fact that some files might be hidden or may get reanimated automatically afterwards. Moreover, manual interference of this kind may cause damage to the system. That’s why we strongly recommend automatic removal Windows Optimal Tool, which will save your time and enable avoiding any system malfunctions and guarantee the needed result.

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