System Care Antivirus removal method that works

Malware Description:
System Care Antivirus does precisely what all the fake security programs out there do, i.e. manipulate people in order to eventually get revenue. This program scans your computer for infections and always – with no exceptions – detects stuff. In this case though, detection is in no way related to the routine that legitimate antiviruses stick to. It simply displays the results that look spooky but have nothing to do with the real state of affairs. This is a scare tactic aiming at ripping the most credulous users off. In addition to the above-mentioned scans running each time you start Windows, System Care Antivirus pops up system tray alerts and other warning messages, just to add some persuasiveness to the whole deal. Another aspect of this rogue AV is about blocking certain processes that might prevent it from staying on your PC unimpeded. That usually applies to authentic security software, so it might be a good idea to boot into Safe Mode (hit F8 key during startup) and try launching your solution against this pest. Yet another trait of this virus is that it leverages tricky obfuscation techniques which make it really complicated to locate the associated files manually. In the end of the day, it’s an absolute must to address the issue of System Care Antivirus playing havoc with your system. This set of instructions should help you combat this little beast.

Malware Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware

Threat Level: High

Advice: Remove ASAP

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How to uninstall this scareware manually:
Manual removal of this rogue antivirus is a feasible objective if you have sufficient expertise in dealing with program files, processes, .dll files and registry entries.

The files to be deleted are listed below:

  • %CommonAppData%\[random numbers and chars]\
  • %CommonAppData%\[random numbers and chars]\[random numbers and chars]
  • %CommonAppData%\[random numbers and chars]\[random numbers and chars].exe
  • %CommonAppData%\[random numbers and chars]\[random numbers and chars].ico

The registry entries that need to be removed are as follows:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “[random numbers and chars]“

Please be advised that manual removal of System Care Antivirus is a cumbersome process and does not always ensure complete deletion of the malware, due to the fact that some files might be hidden or may get reanimated automatically afterwards. Moreover, manual interference of this kind may cause damage to the system. That’s why we strongly recommend automatic removal of this scareware, doing which will save your time and enable avoiding any system malfunctions and guarantee the needed result.

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